A powerful new video from SickKids Foundation will have you bawling.


A new ad from SickKids Foundation, an organization that promotes the health and wellbeing of children and supports parents of kids with serious illnesses, is bound to leave you feeling absolutely shattered. The clip, released in honor of Mother's Day, shows moms of sick kids' emotional battles and downright, everyday nightmares.

The ad, which features both actors and real moms of sick kids, has been viewed on YouTube more than 150K times since it was posted on April 10.

Judging from the comments, the ad is not only heart-wrenching but relatable. "So many tears," one woman wrote. "As a parent, I never know when the breakdown will come, but I remind myself everyday how blessed we are to see the sun rise."

Clearly, these women are some of the strongest people you will ever meet. What a gripping way to pay tribute to them -- and raise awareness around this organization's important work.

"Some of the strongest women you'll meet are SickKids moms," reads the foundation's website. "They don't give in, and they don't give up. No matter the battle, they put on their game face to stay strong for their kids. #SickKidsMomStrong"