If your child isn't quite acting like your mini-me, you might be thinking #WhoseKidIsThis?

By Lindsay Tigar
February 23, 2017

Let's face it: A small part of being a parent is inherently a bit egotistical. And not in a bad way—it's just pretty awesome to create a miniature version of yourself that, over time, mimics your mannerisms, your speech (for, um, better or for worse), and who admires you with their tiny little toddler heart. But since humans all have the awesome thing called free will, you might also notice your son or daughter taking on characteristics and qualities that are so opposite of you that you might wonder: "Is this really my child?"

That's why we can't help laughing over a new trending hashtag—#WhoseKidIsThis—which parents are using to share pics and stories of their cute kids picking up interests and activities that are far-fetched from their own.

Here are some of our favorites. And don't say we didn't warn you—it's pretty freakin' hilarious:

The kid who isn't satisfied with a gold medal:

The kid who can bust it out in song:

The kid who repurposed a Valentine:

The kid doing French homework on a Saturday morning:

The kid who only wants to eat healthy:

The kid who wants spinach at 10:45 pm:

The kid who doesn't like tater tots:

The kids who don't like icing on their cake:

The kid who puts fashion first:

We gotta say, from children who actually enjoy folding laundry (say what?!) to those who take notes while watching historical documentaries (who does that?!), we would be questioning our DNA, too.