We dare you not to say "aww" while watching this precious daddy-daughter dance.


A gif of a daddy-daughter dance posted to Imgur has to be about the sweetest thing the Internet has ever seen. User SammieKatGplus shared the adorable sequence, which features a little girl dressed up as Cinderella, performing a waltz with her father.

Dance 1 GIF

What I love about this cute-as-can-be dance is how into it both the little princess and her "prince" are. And some of their moves are pretty impressive. Daddy spins his pint-sized Cinderella around several times at one point, before dipping her in very dramatic fashion. "Dancing With the Stars" might call soon! The daddy-daughter mini-ball ends with an embrace that is simply precious.

This duet reminds me so much of my own toddler, who insists on wearing a different princess dress every day. It's kind of her thing. And she always wants me to "announce" her in the morning. So, if she's dressed up as Elsa, I'll have to call out "Presenting Queen Elsa of Arendelle" as she descends the grand staircase, A.K.A. our very un-royal stairs into the kitchen.

dance 2 gif
Credit: SammieKatGplus/Imgur

Then someone, one of her sisters, me, or her dad, will be asked to "prince" her, which basically means we must whisk her around the room like in the Imgur gif. In fact, my little girl hangs onto me just like the mini-Cinderella from this clip. And then I wonder why my back hurts at the end of the day!

It's all good, though. Because I know once she's too old for dress up, and "princing," I'll miss those treasured moments.

dance 3 gif
Credit: SammieKatGplus/Imgur

Now off to attend to her royal highness!

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