You might want to steal this daddy-daughter duo's morning routine for yourself.
dad and daughter mirror affirmations
Credit: DFG Health and Wellness/Facebook

We all have those days when we wake up feeling less than stellar. Happens to me all the time. And when it does, I lean in close to my bathroom mirror and whisper those infamous words from The Help:

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

It's a pretty solid affirmation. But does it make me feel like a rockstar? Not always. And in fact, you is now late for car line.

Then I stumbled upon this uplifting father-daughter duo getting their daily mirror motivation sessions on, and it's a shame I didn't find it earlier because these two totally get it right.

Posted earlier this month on the DFG Health and Wellness Facebook page—that's Destined For Greatness—the inspirational clip, which features the dad encouraging his daughter Aaliyah to boldly assert her epicness, has already been viewed more than 12 million times because it's basically awesome on every level.

"Look at yourself, look in your eyes," he tells her, as the two of them face the mirror. "You gotta see it, OK? You gotta feel it."

The proud papa then has his daughter repeat back the following statements:

I am strong.

I am smart.

I work hard.

I am beautiful.

I am respectful.

I'm not better than anyone.

Nobody's better than me.

I am amazing. I am great.

Pretty sure this guy is the greatest dad ever. And it doesn't end there. Because Dad is not concluding the pep sesh until he's convinced Aaliyah understands the power of perseverance.

"If you fall...?" he asks her.

"I get back up," she replies without missing a beat.

And there you have it. Aaliyah for president!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.