A family posted their back-to-school photo. And while it was hilarious to begin with, the people of the Internet have decided to up the humor.


If you've just sent your kids back to school, chances are you snapped a few photos of your clan on the first day of this new year. You likely uploaded the shot to social media, sent it to your extended family or slapped it up on refrigerator—or, if you're anything like this family, you may have shared the photo on Reddit...only to find others started having a field day with it. And just like that, you became meme fodder.


A family shared a funny back-to-school photo featuring the dad and three kids, all of whom got in on the action (despite the fact that just two of the family members were headed back to school!) The eldest child held up a sign announcing it was her first day of fifth grade; her little brother's sign said it was his first day of second grade. The dad got in on the action, too—his sign read "My 6,287th day of work." But not to be left out, the youngest child's sign was definitely the best of the lot: "If I don't hold a sign too I am going to scream," it read.

Pretty funny, right? And fellow parents will understand all too well why this family felt the need to include the youngest in the photo....

But Reddit users decided to make the photo even funnier: They've been Photoshopping their own takes, and they ranged from an Incredibles-themed shoot to a take that reversed the dad's sign with the youngest (apparently she's the one heading into her 6,287th day of work!). It's erupted into an all-out Photoshop battle, with political humor, Walking Dead zombies and a host of other pop culture phenomena making appearances.

Behold some of the funniest variations of the original photo by checking out this thread (and adding your own, if you're so inclined!). Do you wish the people of the Internet were enjoying your family's back-to-school photos this much?