I see a Rocky Horror Picture Show fixation in this kid's future!

New Year's Eve may have already come and gone, but this Reddit family's new annual tradition has me kind of wishing I could turn back the clock for a redo.

"We told our 3yr old that New Years is special because you get to toast to a new year," they wrote in a post on the site. "A few hours later she said 'ARE WE GONNA MAKE TOAST NOW?!" And thus a New Years Day tradition was born."

Here's the amazing accompanying picture:

Credit: reddit toast

Don't even try and tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen. Just look at that smile! This little girl is GOALS! There's nothing better than a great family tradition, and this one is so innocent and pure that it actually brought a few tears to my eyes. And it's not just because my daughter is 14 now and this was the very first year she decided to ditch us on NYE to hang out with her friends.

Then again, maybe it is.

Anyway, the toast post has totally won over even the most snarky of Redditors.

"The fact that 5 adults took time out of their night to make it happen, instead of correcting her, is heart warming," wrote one.

"That's something we don't see everyday, at least not in this genuine and spontaneous way," added another. "I think that's where true happiness lies, in living the moment with some lighthearted naivety."

And from a third: "Hundreds of years from now, the human race will all wonder why eating toast on New Years Eve is a thing. All over the world people will be serving fresh warm toast when midnight strikes like it's perfectly normal."

Honesty, it's not a bad idea. Who doesn't love toast? Though I'd probably 86 the strawberry jam and go for something a little more decadent like a giant smear of Nutella. Cheers to the endless options... and to kids who are still young enough to stay home and create new memories with their parents!

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