This Deli Got Hilariously Real With Its Kids' Menu

Every parent who has ever eaten out with a child will appreciate this deli's humorous take on kids' fare.

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Whenever I take my kids out to eat and go over the menu options with them, I'm bound to hear at least one of the following objections:

"I don't like that."

"I won't eat that."

"I'm not hungry."

Then, nine times out of 10, I'll just order an assortment of meals, hoping someone will eat something. But what ends up happening most often is that my kids just pick at stuff, and we'll leave about $20 of untouched food on the table.

Given what it's like to dine out with kids, one Pennsylvania deli decided to get real about their menu offerings for the little customers. Reddit user nabced recently posted a photo of the Front Street Deli kids' menu, and here are the choices:

  • "I Don't Know," which is really a hot dog with French fries
  • "I Don't Care," A.K.A. chicken tenders with French fries
  • "I'm Not Hungry," otherwise known as a grilled cheese with French fries
  • "I Don't Want That", or fish sticks with French fries

Standard kids' fare for most restaurants, yes. But the descriptions are hilariously dead-on, right?

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P.S., I'm also a fan of the prices! I mean, $3.50 for a grilled cheese and fries? The restaurants near where we live charge at least twice that for the same bread, cheese, and potatoes my kids are likely to reject anyway!

If only the deli was as honest with their adult offerings. Like the "This Might Kill You," A.K.A, a cheeseburger and French fries. Or the, "You Don't Want to Order This But You Should," instead of salad.

What is it like when you take your kids out to eat?

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