Anyone who has ever put together a piece of baby gear will appreciate dad Tom Fletcher's take on the crib-to-bed conversion.

It's the moment every parent dreads: the day your child climbs out of his or her crib. Sigh. Now it's officially time for a big kid bed, and the end of being able to confine them. But, if you're lucky enough to have a crib that converts into a toddler bed, well, then, at least the process itself should be pretty pain-free. That is, if you can figure out how to assemble the dang thing.

As Tom Fletcher, the dad from the sweetest bump-to-baby time lapse video ever, found out, this process can actually turn into a nightmare. A funny nightmare. He filmed himself disassembling his son's crib and turning it into a toddler bed, and posted it to You Tube, where the relatable debacle has already been viewed over 100,000 times.

"Alan's keys; who is Alan? Why do I have his keys?" Tom wonders aloud as he gathers the ridiculous amount of supplies needed for what should be a simple task.

Then he gets to work. And 23 hours later the project is done. Not really—but it does seem like there are about 47 steps involved in converting the crib to a bed. It's exhausting just watching Tom go through it.

"I suck at this," he muses at one point.

tom fletcher crib to bed
Credit: Tom Fletcher/YouTube

Tom does offer some sage words of advice, however: Don't have kids in the room when you're doing this! Or else pieces of the crib could fall off and hurt them. Thank you, Tom.

Meanwhile, Mr. Handy admits he broke a part of the toddler bed rail because he wasn't paying attention while he was screwing it in. Oops.

tom fletcher toddler bed
Credit: Tom Fletcher/YouTube

But no worries; after a few lost screws, some cat vomit, and a period where Tom goes mildly delirious remembering the sneezing-baby-panda viral video, he's done it folks! He's officially put together the toddler bed!

He even tries it out.

tom fletcher successful toddler bed conversion
Credit: Tom Fletcher/YouTube

"Dad job done!" Tom announces. Too bad he has to reassemble the crib for his younger son soon. Oh, and it's also unfortunate that Tom will now have to sleep next to his toddler so he doesn't get out of bed at night and wander off.

Hey, at least he'll always have his beloved sneezing-baby-panda viral video.

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