sledding course

Sledding and snowball fights are the only ways to make this snowy, cold, miserable winter slightly bearable, and one Dad has totally shown the season who's boss by building his kids an awesome sled course. Joseph Colangelo's icy, luge-like track curves down his long driveway, giving sledders a speedy thrill ride. Colangelo launches the kids in a prone position on their sleds from a ramp made of—you guessed it—mounded up snow, while snowy bumpers built up on either side of the track keep his kids and their sleds on course.

Congratulations, Joseph Colangelo. You have won winter. Mother Nature has tried to beat us down with her incessant freezing precipitation and tundra-like temperatures, but you have not let her kill your spirit. Your children will remember the Winter of '15 not with a chill in their bones but with a sparkle in their eyes as they gleefully relive the 10-second trips whizzing down the sledding track their awesome Dad built just for them.

If I had the skills to carve you an ice sculpture, I would. Goodness knows there's enough material around to work with.

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who is very tired of trudging through slushy puddles. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.