A dad named Victor Peoro shared a cute video, explaining that since the theme park is "too expensive, we did the next best thing." 

By Maressa Brown
July 07, 2017

It's one of those facts that parents kinda have to accept without question: Every kid, at one point or another, wants nothing more than to go to Disney World. But the other stark reality of the matter is that a vacation to the theme park is pretty darn pricey. Thankfully, there are other ways to thrill and excite your L.O., as evidenced by a father named Victor Peoro. On July 4, Peoro uploaded a video of himself bringing Disney World to his toddler, Autumn, and it's gone crazy-viral!

Using a plastic storage container, a TV playing a roller coaster video, his very own strength, and a bit of imagination, the innovative papa was able to create a theme park-like experience for his 2-year-old. Check it out.

The response has been almost as awesome as the video itself. "You're an amazing dad, she's going to grow up knowing that - Disney World or not," YouTuber Kara T wrote in the clip's comments. Another named AJ G commented, "All the feels!! Thank you for sharing this moment."

Fingers crossed this family makes it to the theme park one day. In the meantime, little Autumn seems over-the-moon about her roller coaster ride -- and is undoubtedly lucky to have such a devoted, imaginative dad.