This is one Halloween costume you have simply got to see to believe!

By Melissa Willets
October 28, 2016

A highly-inventive dad turned his daughter into Princess Cumulus for Halloween. Who is that, exactly? Well, she's a walking lightning storm, essentially. And it's totally awesome.

In an adorable YouTube video, we see Zoey enjoying the heck out of her dad's LED light-up creation. She's giggling and stumbling around in the giant costume, and if you aren't grinning ear to ear along with her, well then, maybe you need a hug.

"I like to go a little crazy with costumes for my daughter every year," the dad explains in a caption on YouTube. "We have fun making them together."

princess cumulus 2
Credit: Visual Burrito/YouTube

This dad definitely went all out. He has some added know-how when it comes to using LED effects; in fact, he has a website and Facebook page promoting Glowy Zoey LED suits. You may even remember him from a few years ago when he turned Zoey into a light-up stick figure, and blew the Internet's mind!

But that her dad is an LED light expert doesn't impress Zoey too much. In the end, she decides she just wants to be Wonder Woman this Halloween! Go figure!

"This year's costume may be a bit impractical for actual trick-or-treating," Zoey's dad admits, "so she's going to go with her original plan of being wonder woman. Made with a blow up suit, digital LED strips and programmed arduino."

Hey, at least maybe Dad got Zoey excited about science and weather, and um, fitting through door frames without having to think twice!

And we are certainly thunderstruck!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.


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