Watch this clever dad use fart noises to his advantage during a game of hide-and-seek with his young son.


Let's be honest: Little kids are not great at hide-and-seek. You can usually spot their feet sticking out from behind the curtains, or the giant lump under the blanket, or hear the giggles emanating from their hiding spot. But, as supportive parents, we do the requisite pretend searching in the places we totally know they are not hiding, feigning our inability to find them in their amazingly secret (read: obvious) location.

But not this dad, known as Peculiar Pete on YouTube. He goes right for the jugular, er, funny bone, when seeking his kiddo with what he knows no child can resist: fart noises.

The adorable 10-second video has racked up more than 130,000 views on YouTube with commenters loving his technique. Pete quickly finds his son, hiding in his toddler bed under a blankie, by making a farting noise. (We're assuming it's a fake one, unless Pete can expel flatulence on demand?) Of course, his son can't contain himself at the sound, and the cutest giggle reveals his hiding spot (which, frankly, wasn't so stealth in the first place).

In the comments, Pete reveals that his son actually has gotten better at hide-and-seek, just recently learning to let his dad actually look for him. "Up until then you'd walk into the room and get 'Here's Chase!'" he wrote. Sounds familiar, right?

What's your hide-and-seek technique? Do you think Pete's farting trick is fair?