If you have this basic household items, then you have a hope your child may one day successfully blow out his birthday candles!


Any parent who has witnessed a young child try to blow out birthday candles will want to stand up and slow clap for a dad whose ingenious hack puts an end to the struggle once and for all.

Posting as DPunicorn on Imgur, the dad shares an all-too-familiar video clip of his son attempting to do the impossible: blow out the flame on a birthday candle on his cupcake.

The child huffs and puffs, but the candle burns bright. Then, an idea strikes the dad like lightening. He leaves for a moment, and comes back with—wait for it—a straw!

Problem solved!

Comments on this simple yet brilliant dad hack were highly complimentary:

"Awesome parenting *furiously takes notes*," joked one.

"Great to see real patience and coaching, rather than doing it for the kid," another wrote.

"That is one heroic display of patience, right there," another commenter noted.

And yet another commenter said, "There is so much spit on that cupcake..."

That may be true. But do you really think this adorable little birthday boy cares? Here's hoping he enjoyed every last morsel of his well-deserved treat. And that maybe his clever daddy got his own cupcake!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.