Patrick Pipino was completely honest in his note, saying Isabelle was late for school due to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

By Hollee Actman Becker
February 10, 2016
Credit: Patrick Pipino/Facebook

Patrick Pipino is not a regular dad, he's a cool dad. One whose kid was apparently Born to Run, according to a note he wrote to explain why his 12-year-old daughter would be late to school Tuesday morning.

"Last night Isabelle was lucky enough to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Albany, and darned if he didn't play for three and a half hours," his letter began. "This may not seem like a good excuse, but have you ever wondered how many kids would be late—or miss school outright—if God suddenly appeared? It's something like that."

So basically, The Boss equals God in this dad's eyes.


"You know what?" Pipino told WISHTV 8. "The school office staff thought it was funny, and they thought the letter was honest."

How refreshing! Pipino also said taking Isabelle to the concert was educational more than anything. "When you can see an American icon, someone that's a master at their craft perform on stage, it's no different from going to a museum," he explained.

Pipino told ABC News that both his daughters (younger daughter Sarah is 7) are both huge Springsteen fans.

"They both love Bruce Springsteen, and have ever since the older one was only 4 years old," he said. "Isabelle would be singing from the back seat and if I had something else on, she would say, 'Dad, can we listen to Springsteen?' Sometimes she would even say, 'Can we listen to old Springsteen?'"

Luckily, Isabelle's teachers thought the letter was funny—though they still marked her tardy—and the 12-year-old took her dad's candor in stride."Well, I just started laughing," she said. "I went, 'Yeah, that's my dad.'"

Pipino's wife, however, didn't share the sentiment. "The odds of me being divorced by 5PM are 50:50," Pipino, a Ben & Jerry's franchise owner, wrote on Facebook. "Any takers for a fat, over the hill, buck toothed, failed comedian. Ice cream is included."

What do you think? Is it ever OK to take your kids out of school for an event? Let us know!

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