The British father-of-two makes amazing art out of plain white toast!

By Maressa Brown
April 10, 2017

Whether your kid will only eat certain foods or can only eat certain foods due to allergies, meals often run the risk of getting monotonous. But a British musician and father of two girls, one of whom is severely allergic to dairy, eggs, and nuts, has figured out a super-creative solution. He's taken the white toast and soy butter that 10-year-old Scarlett eats every morning and turned it into veritable art. No, really!

Perry documents his adventures in toast art on his Instagram account @2slicesoftoast, so we can all look at his creations and be ridiculously envious of just how fun he's making breakfast for his kiddo. And it's not like he only does this once in a blue moon! Perry has created more than 300 sculptures with Scarlett's b-fast, TODAY reports. Wow!

Check out just a few examples of his best work.

And of course there's this one, which he says he did in the time that it took his tea kettle to heat up. Seriously!

What a lucky little girl Scarlett is to have such an artistic, imaginative, and loving dad. And it sounds like his work has started to pay off. "It's actually had a fairly positive effect," Perry told TODAY. "[Scarlett] will try new things now, and has eaten out in restaurants a lot this year. Normally we bring her meal with us, but now she’s prepared to try new stuff within her boundaries." Love!


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