This Dad Interviewed His Daughter After Her First Day of School for 12 Years

Kevin Scrubbs turned his daughter's first day of school Q&A sessions into an amazing tribute for her high school graduation.

For 12 years, Kevin Scruggs sat his daughter Mackenzie down after her first day of school so he could videotape her answering a bunch of questions about things like who her teacher was, what she did that day, and what she was most excited about.

Such a dad move, right? But get this: Now that Mackenzie is graduating from high school, Kevin decided to combine all those Q&A sessions into a 3-minute tearjerker of a tribute, which he set to an emotional cover of the hit Cyndi Lauper tune "Time After Time," and then posted over on YouTube.

"I love being a dad and I knew that their time with us at home was going to fly by so I wanted to capture the "moment" by interviewing them on their first day of school," Scruggs explained. "I knew that one day we would be able to look back and relive it when they graduated from high school."

We dare you to watch it and try not to cry:

BRB—just going to grab some more tissues.

"This was my way of enjoying the journey long after they have left home," Scruggs shared via email. "My wife and I will watch this video for years to come!"

Seriously, though, what an awesome idea! Since posting the amazing timelapse four days ago, the thing has gone crazy viral, racking up more than 1.5 million views. And Kevin, for one, is shocked by the response.

"This has been an unbelievable experience," he explained in a follow-up clip posted on his channel two days ago. "It's truly been just amazing, all the attention that this video has received."

Kevin went on to explain that while it wasn't featured in the video—which showed his little girl in grades 1 through 12—he did interview Mackenzie after her first day of kindergarten as well.

"We actually do have it," he explained. "We just weren't able to copy it over."


Meanwhile, Mackenzie apparently saw the video for the first time at a church film festival, and Kevin told the Huffington Post that he could hear her gasp as she watched all the years unfold. We don't blame her. This video is pretty much the best, most touching gift ever—not to mention an important reminder to embrace every moment because it all goes way too quickly.

"The early years are super chatty but then you hit the pre teen puberty years and coaxing answers out took a little more work," Scruggs said about the video process. "I tried to ask the same general questions each year so they knew what was coming."

The full unedited video is about 28 minutes long but the YouTube version is condensed.

"It's been fun for us to watch it as a family. Parts of it cause us to laugh and parts of it cause us to tear up," Scruggs told us. "Life is a gift, and being able to watch this beautiful young girl mature into this beautiful young woman has been an amazing experience."

The creative dad beams with pride in his follow-up video, saying, "Thank you for experiencing in about three minutes, what I've had the privilege to experience over the last 13 years of Mackenzie's life. She's a pretty amazing kid and I'm one lucky dad."

And vice versa, Kevin!

The video-creator confirms he did yearly after school videos for both his daughters and the younger will be receiving her own montage video in two years when she graduates. What an amazing tradition!

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