Hold on while we go shine up his Dad of the Year award.


When my son wanted an American Ninja Warrior-themed birthday party last year, I did what any good parent would do: I found a local parkour gym to host one for him. Pretty smooth, right? Or so I thought. Because then I heard about this guy who built his kid a Ninja-worthy obstacle course in the family's own backyard!

Gavin MacCall's 5-year-old daughter Lylah is a huge fan of the hit NBC show that's known for pushing competitors to the limit via extreme obstacles. But instead of just leaving his kid to hurdle over family room furniture and scale up the kitchen walls like mine does, this obvious shoe-in for the Dad of the Year award decided to masterfully construct a tricky training course behind the house for Lylah to practice her moves on.

Just check out this video he posted to Facebook last week:

"Lylah Ninja Warrior in the Denver City Finals!" the proud papa wrote in the caption. And while he may have been joking, we are seriously impressed! Not only did the little superstar master those new quintuple steps like a pro and crush that one-handed zipline—over a posse of stuffed spectators, natch—but we were blown away by the way she expertly scaled that mini barn and then scurried across all those rooftops! You go, girl!

And P.S.—dad's announcing skills weren't too shabby either!

Not content to rest on their awe-inspiring laurels, Gavin wrote on Facebook that the pair have "bigger plans" in store for next year. He's even started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to take his daughter's training to the next level.

"This super active little girl would love more opportunity to play and train for future Jr. Ninja Warrior* competitions," he wrote, then added: "*Jr. Ninja Warrior competitions are completely made up by Lylah's Dad."

How long until these two determined warriors find a way to change that?

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