The Once Upon a Letterboard creator took to Instagram to speak out against mom-shaming.


Maya Vorderstrasse, a self-described "mom of Irish twins" and the creator of blog and Instagram account Once Upon a Letter Board, has made headlines in the past for her honest portrayal of motherhood. She told Us Weekly back in August 2017 that she started posting after feeling "so tired of motherhood being portrayed as flawless, organized and easy in social media. It’s not. It’s messy. It’s frustrating. But it's also fun and happy.” Now, she's taken to social media to share her thoughts on mom-shaming, and her post is so powerful.

"A fellow mother said to me: 'The fact that you have time to stage pictures, tells me that you have no idea what a tired mother really is. I have 8 kids, you have 2, get over it,'" Maya shared. "Why is her tiredness real and mine isn’t?"

She went on to note that "good" moms can have polar opposite habits, lifestyles, strategies, and outlooks. "You are a good mother if you have a messy house or if you have a neat house," she wrote. "You are a good mother if you open up about your problems or if you suffer in silence. You are a good mother if you stay at home and go borderline crazy, or if you go to work with a heavy heart and miss your baby all day. You’re a good mother if you make your child’s food or if you buy a jar of baby food. If you bottle feed. If you breastfeed. Single mother, married mother, divorced mother, rich mother, poor mother, minivan mother, young mother, older mother, tattooed mother, type A mother, type B mother, 1 child, 12 children, you are THE BEST MOTHER! Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise!"

The bottom-line to Maya is that there's really no room for shaming and judging one another as moms. "DEAR GOD, this shouldn’t be a thing, there are no comparisons!" the mom of two wrote. "We love our children, and we’re all doing our best. Don’t contribute to a judgmental & hateful culture that destroys women’s self esteem and confidence. You don’t know their story. I don’t need praise, it’s just that so many of my friends go through this as well and it’s getting old. Let’s stand tall, join in together and tell our story and how this has affected us." She summed up her post by encouraging followers to use the hashtag #MomsAgainstMomsShaming.

​Many moms are already on-board with spreading Maya's all too important message. The response to her post -- which has racked up more than 21K likes -- has been overwhelmingly positive. "Onop of being a great mom you’re a great photographer and can art direct photos that bring smiles to moms (and dads!) all over the world! Share your gifts/talents! Never stop!" one commenter wrote. Another shared, "PREACH! Mom shaming is the worst. There is no one way to do anything. Let’s support each other instead of making it even harder." Cheers to that!