This Baby-Carrying Photographer Is Straight Up #WorkingMomGoals Times Two

"I throw the kids on and away we go," says this working mama-of-two.

Just last week we told you about Megan Meier, M.D., the 35-weeks-pregnant sports doctor who seriously upped the working mom game by treating an injured football player during a game with her 3-year-old daughter chilling out in a baby carrier on her back.

Now it's happened again, at another football game. Only this time the multitasking mama making headlines is a photog, and she's got not just one kids strapped to her bod, but TWO!

The Dallas Morning News captured this image of the hard-at-work shooter and posted it to their Facebook page over the weekend:

"Special contributor John F. Rhodes captured this photo of photographer Melissa Wardlow, who might be the ultimate multi-tasker," reads the caption. "Wardlow is shown talking with 3-year-old son Jordan, and carrying 8-month-old Addison while photographing the first half of the high school football game."

Talk about bringing your A game! I mean, I used to dread even going to the supermarket when both of my kids were under 10! But for Warlow, apparently, this was just business as usual for a Friday night.

"I throw the kids on and away we go," the proud mama told the Dallas Morning News. "The baby goes on first. My 3-year-old stands behind me. He puts his leg through the strap and it's like putting on a backpack."

In other words, no big deal for Warlow, who said she started taking pics before she had kids and was on the sideline during both pregnancies, so it was only natural for her to keep right on shooting, even if it meant always having her two kiddos in tow.

"I know my kids like being on the sidelines," she explained. "My 3-year-old likes fist-bumping."

Of course he does. And then there's this:

"At least if they're with me, they're not in the stands running around being crazy," she said. "It's just easier."

Mom power at it's finest! #Respect

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.

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