This 'Baby Bachelor in Paradise' Spoof Can Help You Get Through Your 'Bachelorette' Withdrawals

You won't want to miss the world premiere episode of this new 'Bachelor' spin-off!

I did not watch The Bachelorette this season, but I'm not gonna lie—I'm a huge fan of Bachelor in Paradise, the kitschy spin-off that made headlines back in June thanks to a crazy he said/she said scandal.

Thankfully that's all behind us now, and the show is set to air on August 14. In the meantime, Jimmy Kimmel rolled out a hilarious spoof last night after Rachel Lindsay got engaged to some guy whose name I don't know during the finale of her Bachelorette season.

"Tonight, as you know, we bid farewell to another season of The Bachelorette," Kimmel explained to the audience. "But fear not, because tonight we also say hello to a new Bachelor spin-off... here it is, the season premiere of Baby Bachelor in Paradise."

[iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/iframe]

Gotta love how they subbed in a ring pop for a diamond ring in that title sequence!

"Welcome to paradise, a serene utopia for small children whose parents, for some reason, had no problem with them doing this," Kimmel opens the clip. "From passionate play dates, to noodling in the kiddie pool, which babies would be paired off... or sent napping?"

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My money's on Dylan—a franchise returnee who has also starred in Baby Bachelorette and currently installs above-ground pools, and Cosette, who says she likes "bad boys" and is known for making questionable decisions. We think it's time for her to flip the script and find herself a nice guy this time around, don't you? But will the leather-clad, motorcycle-riding Alex swoop in and steal this sweet girl's heart? Or will he find love with franchise villain Crazy Maisy?

Grab a sippy cup and stay tuned.

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