After being in foster care for 1,359 days, the seven siblings were all adopted by one Georgia family. And the couple plans to adopt the eighth sibling ASAP.

By Hollee Actman Becker
May 15, 2017

It was about two years ago when Jessaka Clark and her husband Josh decided they wanted to adopt. So when the Georgia couple learned about the "Super 7" last April, they immediately started the process to bring the four sisters and three brothers home.

That's right—SEVEN kids!

clark fam with foster siblings
Credit: Jenna Davis Photography

Just adorable!

"We had already been in the adoption process for over a year and we knew that we wanted to adopt a sibling group," Jessaka explained to Unfortunately, a lot of sibling groups get split up because it is very difficult for them to be placed and especially adopted. We know that the bond between siblings in foster care is usually extremely strong because they have been through a lot together and have had to rely on each other. When we were told about the Super 7 we knew that they were very close and that they needed to stay together. We always wanted a big family so this really was a match made by God."

clark fam 2
Credit: Jenna Davis Photography

How cute is this family?

The Clarks—who also have a biological son named Noah—had been caring for the Super 7 since last summer, before legally adopting them just this week. Check out this great video Jessaka posted a few days ago of Josh driving the whole crew to the courthouse in order to make it official:

I have to admit that van full of kids looks like tons of fun. Though I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for the Clarks to go from caring for one kid to EIGHT!

"People have questioned whether we were prepared for this," Jessaka told us. "How are we going to handle it when we're only 25 and 29? How is everyone going to fit in our three-bedroom house? Lots of things have been said, but we have learned to smile and answer questions when appropriate."

Smart move. The couple also made sure their son Noah was prepared for his new sliblings' arrival. "We kept him informed and had conversations with him about his brothers and sisters long before he even met them," Jessaka said. "We wanted to make sure he was as excited about this as we were. He now doesn't know anything other than his brothers and sisters being exactly that."

clark boys
Credit: Jenna Davis Photography

So sweet! There have been some challenges, of course. Like getting all the kids ready for school.

"When they moved in we had the weekend to get them settled, school supply shopping done, and then figure out how in the world this school thing works," Jessaka said. "We didn't have a school-age kid before them so we didn't have a clue how it worked. What time do you drop them off? What time do you pick them up? How do you do homework with six kids? It took a few months for us to figure it out but now we have quite a routine and things go smoothly."

In fact, Jessaka says the biggest surprise so far has been how normal it all feels. "My husband and I say to each other all the time 'It doesn't feel like we have eight kids,'" she told us. "We are only reminded of that when others are counting our kids out loud in public, or when someone makes a face and says something like, 'Are they all yours???' Then I look back at my row of ducklings and think to myself 'Yea they are...there's a lot of them, right?.'"

And get this—there may soon be one more! The Super 7 have a baby sister still in foster care, but the Clarks can't adopt her until they have a house with more rooms. If you'd like to help them find a bigger home—they currently live in a three-bedroom house and have four girls in one room and four boys in another—please visit the family's GoFundMe page.

clark fam 4
Credit: Jenna Davis Photography

"What we feel is the most important thing, more than our story, is the stories of the thousands of children who are still in foster homes and children's homes that are looking for this same thing," Jessaka said. "We hope that our story can shine a light on the crisis of fatherless children in our country."

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