It was her mom's dying wish to see her baby girl wear her gown.

By Hollee Actman Becker
November 10, 2016

Four-year-old Nora Davis lost her mom Amber to a rare type of cervical cancer last year. Now the sweet little girl has granted her mom's dying wish by being photographed in her cherished wedding gown.

Credit: My Three Arrows Photography/Facebook

Amber was a mom of three—Noah, 8; Nora, 4; and Reid, 3—and after being diagnosed, she came up with the idea to have Nora take pictures in the dress, according to her friend Heidi Spillane, owner of Three Arrows Photography.

Credit: My Three Arrows Photography/Facebook

"I think she just had that vision of Nora having that special moment to be connected to her mom, by wearing her dress," Spillane told People.

But then, sadly, Amber took a turn for the worse and never got around to scheduling the shoot. And so on October 25—one year after Amber lost her battle—Spillane joined forces with the Davis family in order to make the pictures of Nora in her mother's gown a reality.

gown 3
Credit: My Three Arrows Photography/Facebook

"Amber, photographing this session without you was never in the plan but we felt you there, smiling and so proud of your sweet girl," Spillane wrote on Facebook, where she shared the breathtaking images.

What an incredibly meaningful tribute!

gown 4
Credit: My Three Arrows Photography/Facebook

"Nora is the spitting image of her mother and looked just like her during the shoot," Spillane told People. "It wasn't sad, but it was a beautiful moment where Amber was living on through her daughter."

Such an incredible gift! And one, apparently, that the bright-eyed little girl enjoyed every minute of. "She was beaming with pride in her mommy's dress," Spillane explained. "She would look at the picture of her mom standing in the same spot and touch the dress. It was a really special thing to witness. You could tell she just felt so connected to her mom in that moment."

gown 5
Credit: My Three Arrows Photography/Facebook

To view the rest of the beautiful images, check out the full album posted by Spillane on the My Three Arrows Facebook page.

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