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This 4-Year-Old Athlete CrossFits Like a Boss

Talk about fitness goals! This fit kid is crushing her workouts...and documenting them on social media.

It's never too early to introduce your kids to healthy habits: Exposing your little ones to exercise sets them up for a fitter future, and let's not forget that if you can combine quality time with your kids with your own workouts, well you're sort of winning at multitasking.

Looks like Prisais Townsend's parents are firm believers in this idea as well: At just four years old, this little lady is already killing her CrossFit workouts on a regular basis—she's doing things many adults won't even attempt!

According to a report from Cosmopolitan.com, the tiny athlete has always ahead of the game, physically speaking: She reached her goal of completing 10 pull-ups before her fifth birthday (our arms hurt just reading that) and can clear a 22-inch box jump (impressive for anyone, seriously impressive for someone who is just four feet tall). She's also a crazy talented gymnast, as evidenced by many of the posts on her Instagram feed.

It helps that athleticism is in this girl's DNA. Her dad, James Townsend, is a fitness star in his own right, so Priasis clearly had inspiration to become a passionate CrossFit-er. This fit father isn't the only parent out there passing his passion for healthy living to his kids: Parents everywhere are championing the family workouts.

Still, we can't help but marvel at this kid's moves. She's giving us fitness goals for sure!