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Move over, North West. There is a new trendy tot who is making headlines. London Scout is a fresh face in the fashion world who is winning the admiration of tens of thousands of loyal Instagram followers ... and she's only 3 years old! The pint-sized NYC resident is redefining toddler fashion with her sophisticated, trendy looks.

My first thought when I saw London's Instagram page was, "Where on earth does she get these clothes?" I guess this comes after years of shopping for my younger cousins at cute but more mainstream (read: less expensive) stores like Gap or Children's Place. Luckily, mom Sai De Silva created a blog for London called Scout the City which gives clothing item details and style tips. It's like digital Vogue for the preschooler set.

I have to say that I totally dig it. I want to not like it; I want to say, "Why on earth is your 3 year old prancing around in Prada-like items?" But it's just too adorable.

PLUS, there could be a young romance in the making! Last year, we covered the Mini Style Hacker, a blog similar to Scout the City that features a very stylish kid by the name of Ryker. While his duds aren't typically of the designer variety, his style is definitely cool enough to compete with London's. To be honest, I'm not sure they even know each other, but I think it's a perfect match.

Watch the video below to see TODAY's interview with London's mom Sai De Silva:

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