By Lucy Casale
March 03, 2015

With Daylight Saving Time here, we've gained an hour of sun! And by "springing ahead," the days are now longer, sunnier, and warmer—even if it still feels like winter in some parts of the country. With these five FamilyFun crafts and treats, the whole family is sure to be in a springy mood in no time.

1. Got a sunny spot at home? Buy and pot some spring bulbs, then start a Bulb Growth Chart with your gang:

2. Send Sunny Sentiments to teachers and friends with these sunflower cards (they hold actual seeds!). We won't blame you if you save some for yourself, too:

3. Plant some Sweet Seedlings treats on your family's plates for dessert. (All it takes are your favorite cupcakes + cookie-crumb dirt + green fruit chews):

4. Grow some Lolli-Flowers in the oven and send kids to school with a bouquet they can pass out to friends:

5. Don't have a green thumb? (You're not alone – this author doesn't either). Add this low-maintenance Painted Desert to your home that you'll never need to water:

Looking for more fun crafts and recipes? Check out FamilyFun magazine online.



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