The adorable pair of kiddos, who've been buddies since they were 6 months old, did their best impression of the HGTV stars. 


Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are dominating the worlds of remodeling, design, and reality TV, so it's no surprise that they also inspired Halloween costumes this year! And not just anyone's Halloween costumes! Two toddlers from New Jersey channeled the HGTV hosts, and their looks were thoroughly on-point.

Chip and Joanna Halloween costumes for Kids 3
Credit: Eumy Rha Frenkel
Chip and Joanna Halloween costumes for Kids 2
Credit: Eumy Rha Frenkel 

Sydney Frenkel and Ryan Freedman, friends from Short Hills and Summit, New Jersey, will both turn 3 before the end of the year. They've been besties since they were 6 months old and met in a local Gymboree class, Sydney's mom Eumy Rha Frenkel tells

Their dynamic as buddies helped inspire the costumes. "The kids truly act like and old married couple," she explains. "They light up when they see each other and bicker like husband and wife."

Chip and Joanna Halloween costumes for Kids 4
Credit: Eumy Rha Frenkel

At the same time, they're definitely mini-fans of the Gaines. "The kids love the show, and when Sydney sees Joanna, she says, 'She looks like me!'" Frenkel shares.

So cute! Seems like these LOs couldn't have picked more perfect costumes this Halloween!