These Smart Bathing Suits Are Making Summer Less Stressful for Parents

This swimsuit design is the brainchild of two moms who wanted to take the stress out of taking their L.O.s to the bathroom at the pool or beach.

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Although pool and beachtime can be the perfect way to spend long, warm summer days with your little one, taking them to the bathroom in a one-piece can be one headache-inducing undertaking. That's why two moms, Jill Slater and Alexis Castellano, came up with a line of smartly-designed swimsuits for girls called Fasten.

"Alexis and I were swimming with our young daughters a few years back, and Alexis was potty-training her oldest daughter," Slater tells "She had to go the bathroom and was wearing a one-piece. Alexis took her to the bathroom and struggled to quickly get it off so her daughter would not have an accident, and she struggled even more to get it back on. She was literally lifting her off the floor. When she came back, she told me how hard that was, and we started talking about why there weren’t easier options."

One option was a two-piece bathing suit, of course, but neither mom loved that, because "they never fit well. Either the tops would ride up or the bottoms would sag," Slater explains.

"We also were totally grossed out when we saw older kids in the bathroom with their swimsuits around their ankles on the dirty bathroom floor," she says. "We started cutting up our kids swimsuits and working with Alexis’ mom, who is a retired fashion designer, until we came up with a prototype that would work for girls of all ages; those still needing diaper changes, girls who were potty training, and girls who are independent in the bathroom."

The final design looks like a regular one-piece, but it has hidden magnetic snaps that can easily be opened at the waist to make bathroom breaks and diaper changes quick and clean. The flap attaches to the hidden magnets on the back of the swimsuit, keeping it out of the way when your L.O. is doing her biz. The suits—which come in sizes fit for babies, toddlers, and girls, and retail for $20-$25—even have built-in UPF 50 sun protection.

And because Slater and Castellano realize that moms and their daughters encounter similar problems with leotards on dance class days, they've come out with a line of those too!

Moms on the brand's Facebook page are thrilled by the design. "When my daughter had an accident at day care because the bathing suit couldn’t come off fast enough I knew I should try to find a solution. This swimsuit is amazing and makings things simple and easy for going to the potty," wrote one commenter named Samantha.

Another named Andrea shared, "Excellent suits! They make diaper changes and potty time so simple for my two girls. They both wear them to their weekly swim classes. And we just got back from an indoor waterpark trip, they held up great through all the water slides and lazy rivers. We didn't have a single problem or suit malfunction. We had also purchased the matching cover-ups for both of their suits. The combo was beautiful. I highly recommend these suits!"

Anything that makes summer more fun and less stressful sounds like a win-win for moms, dads, and their dear daughters.

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