Lisa Connor's photos of her 2-year-old's bloody feet were taken after the child was wearing the jellies for just 30 minutes.


A pair of pink jelly shoes is now going viral after a mom posted a pretty graphic shot of her 2-year-old daughter's feet all cut up and bloody after wearing them.

Remember jelly shoes? I LOVED these things when I was a kid. But I totally remember the nasty number the cheap plastic did on my heels after walking around in them all day. Of course, that was nothing compared with the agonizing cuts poor little Esme Connor was reportedly rocking after sporting her Next jellies for just a half hour!

According to her mom Lisa, the sandals were a birthday gift for Esme, but unfortunately, her little girl was screaming in pain after getting some pretty deep incisions on her right ankle.

Lisa was justifiably appalled, so she took some photos of Esme's banged up foot to share on social media, in order to warn other parents about the potential dangers of the shoes. And while she maintains that other parents who saw her post messaged her to say they had similar problems with the shoes, the haters quickly arrived as well—bashing Lisa for everything from not noticing her kid's bleeding feet to the fact that the jellies appeared too small for her kid in the first place.

The determined mom then shared another pic with a few of the commenters, proving that the jelly was, in fact, the proper size for Esme's foot.

shoe fits
Credit: number 2

She also contacted the shoe company, which vowed to take a closer look at the product. "I think they should be taken off sale before any more children get hurt," Lisa said, adding that Esme has not been able to wear any shoes since the incident.

And it looks like she got her wish, because The Mirror is now reporting that the Next jellies have officially been recalled for inspection by the company.

Good work, Mama!

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