Grab the tissues—this sweet video is sure to cue the waterworks!

blended family video
Credit: SoulPancake/YouTube

We all know divorce can often be an angry, bitter affair. But the filmmakers at SoulPancake hope to turn that idea on its head with a video that documents a former couple's journey to becoming one big, happy, blended family.

The clip introduces us to Jamey and Tara, parents who were married for seven years before deciding to go their separate ways. But not that separate—the pair have a 12-year-old son together named Nakhjavani (Nak), who was born two years into the marriage.

"We had a few good years," Tara explains on camera. "I just think at some point, you know, we stopped watering the plant."

"And you know with anything," Jamey adds, "a plant, if you put poison on it, it will just wilt and die."

The video then moves on to show us what happens after the couple becomes unhitched and both partners remarry.

First we meet Tara's new husband Jason, who dad Jamey says "fully embraces" his son. "[He] goes to his basketball games, goes through his homework," Jamey says. "I saw him cry once when my son wasn't telling the truth about something. I saw Jason, like, be hurt. He's invested in him."

Jamey has also moved on, with wife Natasha. And Tara, whose parents have been married for 45 years, admits she struggles with anyone but her being a parent to her child. Still, she says Nak's relationship with Natasha is great. "He just has a huge heart and kind of accepts a lot of people into his world," Tara says. "And she makes it really easy."

Jamey and Tara then reveal that they have written thank-you letters to Jason and Natasha, respectively, for playing such an amazing role in Nak's life. They surprise them each in separate one-on-one settings to read their letters, wife to ex-wife and husband to ex-husband.

"Are you supposed to be someone I hate?" Jamey begins sitting in a chair opposite Jason. "Are you supposed to be someone who challenges my own manhood? You're a man of integrity, a man of skill, a beautiful husband. I admire you. And I'm greatful for you."

So heartfelt and sweet!

Things are pretty much the same over on the girls' side. "This new woman in my life, a new pair of arms that my son would be cuddled in," Tara addresses Natasha. "You are so kind. A tender-hearted woman. Who I can clearly see loves Nak from her core. I believe that your love for Jamey makes him a better dad for Nak. He's so lucky to have you."

If you're not crying yet, you will be. Because we're now back to Jamey, who's in tears himself as he continues to read his letter to Jason. "I know how powerful it is for a boy to see that his mother is loved, because that's how he's going to treat his wife," he says. "You're doing that for him. You're doing the things I couldn't do. And I love you for that, man. I'm supposed to not love you for that. But I do."

The video ends with more crying, plenty of hugs, lots of smiles from Nak, and a promise from Tara that the journey is only beginning.

"Nak has always wanted a big family, one with lots of brothers and sister," she says. "And now look at what has happened for him."

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld