The best part about these Philadelphia dance dads donning their tutus? It was all caught on video.


These dads gave their daughters the best Valentine's present this year: the gift of dance.

Philadelphia Dance Center hosted a special day of classes for the holiday, asking parents to show the love and come dance with their kids.

"Dad, you are invited to join your favorite dancers on Valentine's Day and partake in their ballet class with them!" read the call-out from the studio's staff. And let's just say the fathers showed up—tutus and all.

Watch the clearly talented fathers hit the floor:

The invitation did say "Come dressed as you like." And like the giggling teacher leading the class across the floor, we applaud all the tutu-wearing, leaping dads for trying their best to keep up with their budding ballerina daughters.

These dads are our Valentine's Day heroes—hop, skip, flexed feet and all!

You can see the joy on the daughter's faces as these dads hilariously trip over their own feet trying to leap. Not only do the girls know their dads love them enough to make fools of themselves in the dance studio, but the dads now know firsthand just how hard their little dancers work to perfect those gorgeous jetés.

The ballet teacher sure got a kick out of these pirouette-ing pops, posting an all-caps thanks on Facebook: "I CAN'T THANK THESE GENTLEMAN ENOUGH FOR MAKING THIS DAY SO VERY SPECIAL!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY"

We love how this supportive studio ensures that the parents are involved in their kids' hobbies. The day before the dads tried out their ballet slippers, the dancers' mamas hit the floor for a hip-hop class. So bravo all around, parents!

Hey, Philadelphia Dance Center, do we sense a parental dance-off coming up?

Libby Ryan is Editorial Assistant for