The Tie This Dad Wore to His Son's Graduation Is Winning the Internet

People are loving that this dad wore a tie to his son's high school graduation that the boy made for him when he was in first grade.

Father's Day is right around the corner, and if you're still struggling with what to buy for the big guy in your house, this Texas dad may have just provided you with the most genius gift idea of all time.

See, when Robert Olivo's 18-year-old son Dylan was in first grade, he made his dad a Pokemon necktie featuring his very own drawing of Pikachu:

Pretty impressive right? I know I couldn't have drawn something like that when I was only 7. I mean, I don't actually think I could draw something like that now! But Dylan obviously possesses some mad art skills, so Robert saved the tie—and when his son graduated from high school last week, he decided to surprise him by busting the thing out and wearing it to the ceremony.

"I made this tie for my dad when I was in 1st grade," Dylan wrote on Twitter, where he posted the images. "11 years later he wears it to my graduation."

Father of the freaking year!

"I still remember making the tie for him, and I think he does too," Dylan told Teen Vogue after his post went viral. "I didn't expect him to really wear it or even have it this whole time. He has never worn the tie before in his life until my graduation day."

What a amazing way to honor his son's big milestone!

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