Instead of a holiday card, this family-of-seven gifted their nearest and dearest with a rap video called "Swish."

Rich Price has come to get down.

The Vermont dad may not be internationally known, but he's here to rock the microphone anyway, with a little help from a kick*ss team of ballers. And by team we mean his five sons: Winslow, William, Wesley, Matthew, and Merritt.

The Price boys seem to have some pretty solid hoop skills. So instead of sending out a traditional holiday card this year, they decided to gift their nearest and dearest with a rap video called "Swish" that was shot at their local YMCA in just 38 minutes. It's pretty much everything you think it would be, and so much more.

Eschewing the Christmas Jammies that other rappin' family made famous, the P.Fam instead came to play in coordinating blue uniforms—complete with matching indigo tongues that may or may not have come courtesy of guzzling some much-needed post-shoot Gatorade.

"I used to be a player," Rich begins. "I used to play ball. Now I got my own team. Five boys in all."

He then sinks a shot and cedes the floor to his first-born son.

"They call me Winslow Curry cuz my shot is money. I got more hops than the Easter bunny."

Sorry, Steph. You've officially just been relegated to the bench.

Next up on the mic: Son number 2, otherwise known as WDP.

"My name is William, I'm a big rebounder. I get triple-doubles like I ate a quarter pounder."

Russell Westbrook, consider yourself officially on notice.

William then introduces little bro Wes—"I'm Wesley Price, I'm small like Thompson. I got more magic than Irving Johnson"—and Rich is every single dad on the planet as he mouths along to the rhyme in the background while carrying twins Matthew and Merritt and looking on with pride.

Turns out this Mac Daddy is actually a songwriter by trade, though he told this was the first time he’s ever written a song for his family. “The inspiration was really to create some fun and levity,” he told us. “Our twins were in the PICU with RSV in the spring, and it was a tense time. So to make my wife laugh, I went into my recording studio in our basement with the three older boys to record ‘Swish.’ It took me about 30 minutes to write and track the basics, then about an hour to coach my boys through their lines. They all totally nailed it. They all seem to have natural rhythm and totally got the fake ‘trash-talking’ attitude that is in each verse.”

Of course, the production wouldn't be complete without a special guest appearance by the real MVP: Rich's wife Kimberly, who strolls onto the court and starts busting out the moves.

"She's a dream come true like a genie in a wish. And when she takes a shot, you know it's a swish."

“My wife really is our MVP,” Price told us. “Everything is possible because of her!”


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