After Vicki Silk left her son's lovey on vacation in the Grand Cayman, one stranger managed to hand deliver the stuffed animal home after seeing the call for help on Facebook.

By Lauren Pardee
Courtesy of Kathy Harmer

Have you ever noticed that when something goes missing (no matter how long you have been looking for it) moms are always the first to track it down? It’s almost like a superpower that comes with giving birth. Well, after the Silk family left their baby Matthew’s beloved elephant lovey behind on a vacation to the Grand Cayman—mother, Vicki Silk, blindly called on her local Chicago moms’ Facebook group to retrieve it and her success story is beyond touching.

After realizing the elephant lovey was missing, Vicki was able to track it down at their hotel The Ritz-Carlton, only to find shipping would cost a minimum of $90. (Cringe!) So, she took to the local suburb Facebook group in hopes of finding a fellow mom on vacation willing to bring the stuffed animal back to Matthew.

“Anyone going to Grand Cayman anytime soon? We left my son’s favorite lovey at the hotel and would love to get it back. They said they can ship it but said it was a minimum of $90…yikes! Thought I would try this first…sometimes ya get lucky,” Vicki wrote.

Luck was just what she got! As it turns out, other local Chicago mom, Kathy Harmer was staying at the same hotel with her husband and four kids and she was more than willing to help—it was almost too easy.

“I just was looking at Facebook and saw the post, and Grand Cayman caught my eye,” Kathy explained. “It was just a coincidence I was staying at the same hotel... Of course, I’m going to grab the little boy’s lovey! My girls were all very attached to their sleep comfys! My husband and I have four kids, and many times we panic over finding a misplaced “ne-ne” (that’s what my youngest, Ava, called her blanket) before bedtime. It becomes a number one priority! To think if we had lost it forever would have caused major sadness, for sure! Not to mention dreadful tears at bedtime!”

Although the two moms have never met, they have now become fast friends over text and discovered they are even from the same town. Talk about destiny.

“On the flight home, I had the lovey close in my purse! I was NOT going to take a chance losing him after all of this. So, we took pictures and sent them to Vicki, so he could show her little guy, lovey was on his way!” said Kathy. “This is so crazy, it touched a happy nerve with so many moms in the group. I’m just happy to help! I know in my heart, any mom would have done exactly the same thing!”

After speaking with Kathy, we can confirm the lovey was returned to Matthew today. Parenting is no easy task, we love hearing stories of mom’s having each other's backs against all odds—because no lovey should ever be left behind.



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