Presidents—they're just like us! President Barack Obama wore jeans to set his daughter Malia up in her college dorm—just like every other dad.

By Melissa Willets

It was just your average college drop-off scene. A dad, in jeans, helping his daughter get set up on campus. Oh, except this dad was former president Barack Obama, and the daughter was Malia. Did we mention the school was Harvard?

According to Real Simple, Malia officially arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts to start her freshman year at the Ivy League university on Tuesday, with her parents, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and our last POTUS in tow. And rather than making a big deal out of the emotional family milestone moment, reportedly the Obamas kept things super low-key.

Photographers and fans were still on hand to capture the Obamas moving their first daughter into her dorm room. That's not exactly normal. But they tried. Especially Malia, who sported an oversize tee-shirt and sneakers and looked like she was making new friends, according to social media posts like this one:

But Jack Rakove, a Stanford University professor and Chelsea Clinton's thesis adviser told The Washington Post that for former (and current) President's kids, "The [college] culture is pretty respectful of their privacy."

There's no doubt the college freshman will fit in among the smart and accomplished students at Harvard. But she'll still have a Secret Service detail following her every move, which will definitely set her apart from her fellow classmates. Bummer, right?

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Meanwhile, we're guessing her famous parents will be missing their little girl just like every other parent who sends their child off to school for the first time. I get emotional even thinking about that stage of life.

Here's wishing Malia an amazing first year and the Obamas a somewhat-easy transition to living away from her. At least Sasha's still at home!

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