Fingerlings are all the rage this holiday season, and Kingsley the sloth is coming to Walmart stores soon. 


Come holiday season the trendiest toys on the market become seriously prized possessions, sparking major competition between parents to snag the "it" gift. Hatchimals were last year's coveted toy (how could anyone forget?) and a new twins version is back this year. But we have to confess we've already got a new favorite—and we're not alone: Fingerlings are apparently the top-dog toy of 2017. The colorful, plastic baby monkeys grab ahold of your finger, react to sound, motion, and touch, and—of course—make monkey noises.

Holiday Gifts 2017 Fingerlings
Credit: Courtesy of Resound Marketing and WowWee 

Fingerlings re-sellers have already increased their prices—words no parent wants to hear—but there's good news: WowWee (the maker of Fingerlings) has announced that a non-monkey Fingerling called Kingsley the Fingerlings Sloth will be exclusively sold at Walmart (stores and online) come the end of November.

Kingsley the Sloth
Credit: Courtesy of Resound Marketing and WowWee

Kingsley the Sloth performs the same functions as the original Fingerlings except he moves 20 percent slower than the other animals, in true sloth fashion. The blinking, noise-making sloth reacts to 40 different animations and sounds. Don't be surprised if the brown and white cutie blows you a kiss or gets excited around loud noises. Best (worst?) of all: The little guy can even burp and fart—a feature that will leave your kids in hysterics, if they're anything like ours.