Professor Robert Kelly's kids, who infamously crashed their dad's live BBC interview and won the Internet's heart, now have their own YouTube series.

By Hollee Actman Becker
April 21, 2017

It was only a matter of time.

Remember back in the beginning of March when the adorable kids of poli-sci professor Robert E. Kelly epically crashed their dad's live BBC interview and the hilarious clip went crazy viral? Well, now the perfectly accessorized dynamic duo is getting their own show.

Called "The Adventures of Mina and Jack," the animated YouTube series—based on Kelly kiddos 4-year-old Marion and 8-month-old James—follows "the globe-trotting misadventures of a precocious young girl named Mina, and her pesky baby brother Jack, as they help their dad, a UN official, out of various jams."

For example, in the first ep, the kids join their dad on a trip to North Africa. After overhearing him talk about a red-handed gold thief at large in the market, an over-confident Mina and Jack set out to help solve the case. They sneak out of their hotel in hot pursuit of the red-handed man and hitch a ride on an elephant to the market, where they spot him manning a barrel of cherries. A chase ensues, and just when the kids think they've lost their suspect, they tumble into a nearby UN press conference and—plot twist!—inadvertently save the day.

So good, right? We love that Jack spends the entire first episode sucking on a paci in James' signature exer-saucer. And how on-point is Mina's minnion-esque choice of eyewear?

"Funny take-off on our viral video," Kelly wrote on Twitter. "They made me look suitably dorky."

That's just art imitating life, Kelly. Art imitating life.

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