The hilarious pictures were intended to be a family joke, but they've been retweeted more than 4,000 times!


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...right?

Not if you're high school senior Kendel Divarco, who won an all-expenses paid trip to Sin City for a photo shoot with professional photogs after entering her senior portraits into a national contest.

Pretty cool, right? But when Kendel's dad Vince realized he'd be attending a conference in Vegas at the same hotel, the jokester decided to get in on the action by hilariously mimicking his daughter's poses in a shoot of his own.

Shot by Kendel's mom Shelly, Vince leaned seductively up against a wall:

dad photo shoot wall
Credit: Kendel Divarco/Twitter

Stretched out on the ground:

dad photo shoot lying down
Credit: Kendel Divarco/Twitter

Wrapped himself up in a white terrycloth bathrobe:

dad photo shoot bathrobe
Credit: Kendel Divarco/Twitter

And looked pensively into the distance:

dad photo shoot couch
Credit: Kendel Divarco/Twitter

Fun dad alert!

But while Vince intended the photos to be a simple family joke, Kendel decided to share them on Twitter, where they have so far been retweeted more than 4,000 times!

"My parents stayed in Vegas at the same hotel I stayed in for my modeling shoot and...." she wrote, then added a collage of outtakes from both of the shoots:

What a great sport! Pretty sure it wouldn't have gone down this way in my family—my daughter would probably have been more inclined to burn the pics than post them!

Not Kendel, though.

"When my parents sent me the pictures, I thought it was so funny," she told The Huffington Post. "I was considering telling him he should start investing his time in modeling because he's really good at it—definitely better than I am!"

That may be true. But we're getting some serious George Constanza vibes from Vince's bathrobe shot, so we're just gonna go ahead and call it a draw, 'mkay?

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