The viral video gurus are back to mock the horrible violence of classic nursery rhymes in their latest hilarious production.

By Ellen Sturm Niz
July 25, 2017

We've all been there. You're rocking your tiny baby to sleep, holding her lovingly in your arms, and start singing a classic lullaby. At first, your brain's on autopilot, but then as you keep singing, your conscious mind starts going, "What, what? 'When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall?!'" I mean, that's just an awful image, your baby plummeting toward the ground in her cradle from the treetop. What the heck was the cradle even doing hanging there in the first place?!

This is exactly what the Holderness family mocks in their latest video, "Can You Believe We Sing This to Our Kids?" You might remember dad Penn and mom Kim as the geniuses behind YouTube viral videos like their "Pee Thang" bathroom humor rap and  "Toxic" seasonal allergies parody, but in this one, the parents and their kids Lola and Penn Charles take on the ridiculous violence in nursery rhymes meant for kids.

Lola, 10, and Penn Charles, 7, hilariously dramatize "Three Blind Mice," "Jack and Jill," and the customary "Rock A-Bye Baby" as the horrible, horrible stories they are. The kids even weighed in with their own ideas. “Lola wanted a bloody head wound, which was my favorite part,” Penn told Us Weekly. “She’s developing a great sense of humor.”

Then Penn challenges his brood to guess whether the songs he sings are real nursery rhymes or ones he just made up. It's surprisingly hard! Penn is pretty good at it—he's totally cracked the formula of bizarre story filled with unnecessary injury set to a pleasant tune. (Tramautic brain injuries seem to be a common theme, mom Kim notes.) We may see a Penn Holderness book of modern nursery rhymes on store shelves soon!

What inspired this video? Rereading a book of Mother Goose nursery rhymes, of course. “We started dying laughing when we saw how incredibly violent most of them were,” Penn told Us Weekly. “When we tried to explain to Lola that these were sung to tiny little babies, she was pretty shocked.”

Us, too, Lola! Us, too.