Here are the top 10 cities in the U.S. where trick-or-treaters are most likely to hit the Halloween candy jackpot.

group of trick-or-treaters at door
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If you live in Cary, NC, get ready for a sweet Halloween! Cary was named the 2015 top city for trick-or-treating in America by Nextdoor, a free and private social network for neighborhoods. If you're not a Cary resident, don't worry--nine other cities made this year's list of top sweet spots.

Nextdoor analyzed data from the tens of thousands of neighborhoods that use the platform's annual Treat Map feature to determine where in the U.S. trick-or-treaters are most likely to hit the candy jackpot this Halloween.

The top 10 cities are as follows:

  1. Cary, NC
  2. Ann Arbor, MI
  3. Omaha, NE
  4. Columbus, OH
  5. Frisco, TX
  6. Orlando, FL
  7. Downers Grove, IL
  8. Greenville, SC
  9. Baton Rouge, LA
  10. Boise, ID

The list comes from data collected from cities where more than 5,000 residents are using Nextdoor. Neighbors can use Nextdoor's Treat Map feature to let each other know their house will be passing out candy on the holiday. Parents and their little ghouls and goblins can then use Treat Map to plot out the best trick-or-treating route.

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Kaitlin Ahern is the Editor of She lives in Brooklyn with her cat, who plans to be a dinosaur for Halloween this year. Follow Kaitlin on Instagramand Twitter.