The Oscar winner thinks women should stop apologizing and is sharing the message with her daughter.


When Viola Davis talks, people tend to sit up and listen. The Oscar-winning actress is known for giving some seriously inspiring speeches at awards ceremonies, so it's no surprise that she brought the house down yet again at last night's Time 100 gala. While giving a toast, Davis raised her glass to all the attendees who had chosen to slay their respective dragons in order to live a life bigger than themselves.

"Everybody in this room, I'm sure, at some point has gone through something in their lives and you survived it," she said. "But not only did you survive it. You took that trauma, that hurt, that revelation, that whatever it was and you used it to connect, to give, to influence, to help. And that is the beauty and the purpose of what we are here on this earth to do."

Pretty epic. And the How to Get Away With Murder star didn't stop there. While the phrase "I'm sorry" is usually one of the first things we teach our children, Davis told reporters out on the red carpet that she is definitely not a fan of it when it comes to raising her 6-year-old daughter Genesis.

"What I've been telling my daughter lately is to stop apologizing," she explained. "I think that women, we're at this huge point in our lives, in history, where we need to step into our power and not give it over to anyone or apologize for it. And understand that in whatever we do, we deserve to be there and we deserve to have a voice."


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