When it comes to keeping your kids safe in the pool, you can't possibly be too careful—and a video that's surfaced makes that point loud and clear. 
Pool floats and water safety
Credit: Tratong/Shutterstock

As the last weeks of summer fade away, this video may be your not-so-gentle reminder that keeping your kids safe in the water requires constant vigilance. Because while floaties are sometimes able to help kids stay safe in the pool, they aren't foolproof, and it's still so important that you never take your eyes off your little ones when they're swimming with them.

[iframe src='https://gfycat.com/ifr/TerrificAgedEarthworm' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='640' height='358' allowfullscreen][/iframe]

The clip shows a few children playing in a kiddie pool. One of the young children is in a flotation device—the small child leans forward into the water and is unable to get back up to an upright position. The child's head gets submerged under the water, and for a terrifying moment, the kid visibly struggles to maneuver the weight of the floating device.

Luckily, one of the other kids in the pool sees what is happening and manages to help the child back to an upright position, but the video is still a powerful reminder of how dangerous it can be whenever kids are in the water. And that, perhaps, more isn't better when it comes to floats!

But even if your kids are older and large enough to stand on their own in the pool, vigilance is important—because a simple slip or trip could put your child's life at risk. Your time to lounge poolside is coming, mama—but it just may not be today.