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We moms (and dads, too!) are pretty good at inventing things. But you don't have to be a mompreneur with a million-dollar business to profit from a brilliant idea. If you've got a clever fix for an everyday problem—a cleaning, organizing, or family-life tip that saved your sanity—we want to hear about your handy solution. It could appear in an upcoming issue of Parents magazine (hello, bragging rights!) and you could win a $50 gift card (woot!). Find out how to enter and see the official rules by visiting

Need inspiration? Check out some of our favorite reader tips:

Tortilla Trick When eating tacos or wraps, my 2-year-old struggled to keep them rolled up and the fillings would fall out. Now I put them inside a Popsicle mold and they stay together! — Deanna Lee; Round Rock, TX

Edible Eraser If my daughter draws in crayon on the wall, I don't stress. I just reach for a fresh cucumber—its outer skin erases crayon marks! — Anna Braverman; West Hartford, CT

Toddler Belt My 15-month-old's pants were falling off his tiny waist, but it was tough to find a belt that was small enough. So I slid a medium-sized dog collar through the loops of his jeans and adjusted it to fit. — Holly Hughes-Barnes; Cookeville, TN

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