A second grade teacher shares a message of love, kindness, and inclusion with her students on Inauguration Day.

By Hollee Actman Becker
January 23, 2017

After a few minutes of scrolling through my Instagram account Friday morning, it became clear to me that I'd pretty much need to stay off social media for the rest of the weekend. It wasn't the endless pictures from Inauguration Day and the subsequent Women's March popping up on my newsfeed that did me in; it was the awful back-and-forth in the comment sections of all these posts that I simply had no tolerance for.

So. Much. Nastiness. Is it really necessary to tear each other down? No matter what our political beliefs or agenda, is this the type of behavior we want to be illustrating for our kids?

I can only imagine this was part of what was going through one second-grade teacher's mind when she took the time to pen a colorful and meaningful Inauguration Day note to her students, in order to remind them that it's how we treat each other that really matters.

Credit: Peter Shankman/Facebook

"Today is a very important day, today is Inauguration Day!" she began the letter, which was subsequently shared on Facebook. "This means that starting today, we will have a new president. His name is Donald Trump and he will live at the White House. However, what happens at your house is very important too!! You can make the world a better place by starting at your house."

She then goes on to list a bunch of things kids can actually do: Love yourself. Celebrate the differences in others. Believe in yourself. Be responsible. Be kind.

"AND REMEMBER," she writes and the end of her letter. "Love and kindness RULE!!"

What a beautiful message—and one our nation's adults should take to heart as well.

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