Target's Genuine Kids line from OshKosh will have your family perfectly styled, matching, and Instagram-worthy this summer. Did we mention it's affordable, too?
Genuine Kids line from OshKosh
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Newsflash, we will never be the picture-perfect, aesthetically pleasing Instagram family of our dreams—but who says we can’t pretend? Thanks to Target, achieving that we have it all together look is possible with the new Genuine Kids line from OshKosh—their matching family outfits are fashion-forward and (more importantly) the coordinating is done for you. Sure, after 15 minutes one kid is bound to have a massive stain on their shirt while the other has stripped down and is running around naked, but for just a few moments the whole crew matched and that’s more than we could ever ask for.

Ahh, leave it to Target to once again make parenting easier than ever. The Genuine Kids Line from OshKosh offers four collections—each semi-casual and summer-inspired—along with cute accessories such as festive sunglasses, fedoras, tropical head wraps, and a pineapple-shaped purse.

Target's Genuine Kids line from OshKosh
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Although each collection in the line is designed for summer, all four family looks are unique and accommodate different styles. From delicate floral dresses, and pinstriped blue jumpers for the girls to bright plaid button-ups and fun Hawaiian patterns for the boys, you can’t go wrong. Not to mention there are swimsuit options as well because Target has everything covered, of course.

The line ranges in price from $4.99-$44.99 depending on which items you can’t seem to live without. Overall each look is pretty affordable which means you get to spend more money on that well-deserved vacation margarita and still look good while indulging.

Target's Matching Family Collection
Credit: Courtesy of Target

We won’t blow your cover when you get complimented for styling your whole family to the nines—just bask in the glory of it and feel free to leave out the curated Target collection part. You deserve the recognition and we are happy to help. We can picture the fam rolling up to the backyard barbecue now, and let’s just say you all look amazing.