There's nothing wrong with having a Bob Ross board game as a friend.


Who doesn't love Bob Ross? I mean, we could use more of his chill vibe in today's crazy world, amIright? That's why we are loving Target's new, yet totally retro line of games, toys and apparel inspired by the iconic TV painter.

Forrest Pruzan Creative and Big G Creative are behind one of the most highly-anticipated items in the line, which is set to hit stores on October 1: a board game that incorporates all things Ross, from happy little trees to almighty mountains. And of course, happy accidents. The game is called "Bob Ross: The Art of Chill," and we can't wait to play!

Also look for a Funko Pop! figure featuring Ross holding his palette and paint brush, and of course, sporting his trademark denim outfit. And don't miss a 1,000-piece puzzle of one of the soothing-voiced painter's "Joy of Painting" landscapes. If you really want to go all out, you'll also pick up a Ross tee that reminds us to make our mistakes into birds.

bob ross tee-shirt
Credit: Target

But the most exquisite item to be found in Target's new line is the Bob Ross Chia Head. No home is complete without one! And just think what a fun learning experience it will be for the kids.

bob ross chia pet
Credit: Target

This fun gear is available starting tomorrow in store and online. So grab yours and start your weekend off with some much-needed chill and positivity.

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