Do you think these shirts are sending the wrong message to our girls?


It's not a great week for female superheroes looking to score themselves some new threads.

As if it wasn't bad enough that the all-girl version of Ghostbusters bombed at the box office, it looks like Old Navy set out to underscore the #femmeFAIL by offering up two similar—but very, very different—Ghostbuster tees for toddler girls and boys.

According to Jezebel, the boys' version features the iconic movie logo front and center with no additional copy. And the girls? Well, they get the added tagline of "Ghostbuster In Training."

Credit: jezebel

Oh, HAIL no!

Old Navy must have realized their low-key sexist faux pas, however, because a quick attempt to click on the product returns the following result: "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties."

I'll bet.

Over at Target, the situation is not much better, thanks to a Batgirl tee that's got some Facebook users up in arms.

"Batgirl To-Do List," the top reads. "Dryclean cape. Wash batmobile. Fight crime. Save the world."

Ok, I see where the haters are coming from, but I'm not nearly as offended by the words as others seem to be. For one thing, there's an argument to be made here that Batgirl is sending her cape out for cleaning instead of slaving over it herself. Ditto her sweet ride. So props to the caped crusader for displaying some mad delegating skills. And even if our fly girl was taking care of business, isn't a woman who can get everything done and still save the world the very definition of a badass, multitasking role model?

"Target, your Batgirl T-shirt is out of step with 21st century family values," wrote one. "It is utterly offensive and must be removed."

"Do you honestly think it was a smart idea to tell little girls that they should do the housework before being a superhero?" added another.

In response to the outcry, the retailer decided to pull the shirt from its shelves, releasing the following statement: "After reviewing and reading our customers concerns on the Batgirl tee, we have decided to remove the shirt from our stores. It was never Target's intention to offend our customers with this item."

Holy backbone, Target! Maybe it's time to get one.

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