This boy's selfless letter is a perfect reminder of what Christmas is really about.

By Melissa Willets

A 12-year-old Houston boy has a very special gift he hopes to receive from Santa this year. It's not the latest toy or gadget, like most kids are dreaming about getting in a few short days, but a healthy heart for his mother, who is on the transplant list.

Arnulfo Guerra Jr. wrote this moving letter to Kris Kringle, according to WPVI:

Dear Santa,

I believe in you and the miracles, Santa I don't want toys for me, only I want a [healthy] heart for my mom, she's sick, her diagnostic is transposition of the great [arteries] (T.G.A). I'm sad for her she's 46 years and I only 12, next March 18 I will be 13 teen, we need her for many years more, me and my Dad pray all days for mom. Only I want is to see my mom [healthy] and happy.

Guerra added that he loved Santa.

Pretty incredible, huh? This kid would pass on all the toys in the world to have his mom be healthy, so she can be around for many, many Christmases to come. But the local fire department (which found out about Guerra's letter to Santa through a social worker) was so impressed by this selfless 12-year-old, they visited his home to drop off gifts for him.


"For him to completely to be selfless and not ask for anything else other than his mom to be healthy for Christmas. You know, it really put us back," paramedic Katya Garza told WPVI.

Meanwhile, Guerra is still hoping for a Christmas miracle, in the form of a new heart for his mom. Here's hoping that if enough people hear about this story, and hope and pray for Guerra, his wish will come true.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.



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