Surprise! Military Dad Photobombs Son's School Picture

School picture day is always sort of exciting, but third grader Joshua Bass got quite the surprise during his photo session last Friday. His father James, an Army corporal who had been serving in Kuwait for months, snuck up behind him as he posed for the photographer in his Durham, North Carolina, elementary school. Of course, a video captured the whole sweet thing.

When the photographer showed Joshua the photo, you can tell he couldn't compute the fact that his dad was behind him in the shot. I probably wouldn't either! The photographer really had to suggest that he turn around, and even then the poor kid took a few seconds to process that his dad was standing right there. Of course, when it finally sunk in he leaped into his father's arms for a huge hug. I'll admit I got a little misty watching it. Who wouldn't when seeing a father and son reunited?!

"You still got it," Joshua said to his dad, implying that these kinds of shenanigans are typical behavior for him. It was a pretty good surprise move. And the kind of surprise even I, as someone who seriously hates surprises, can support.

Plus, that's one school portrait that's going to get permanent prime real estate on the mantel!

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Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who almost didn't recognize her own mother when she surprised her at an airport layover. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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