This awkward convo actually teaches an important lesson.

Credit: The Next Family/YouTube

Brandy Black, editor-in-chief of The Next Family, and her wife Susan Howard are used to getting asked a lot of personal questions about their family; even from strangers. These are questions they posit they'd never have to answer if they weren't gay. And a new video kind of proves that.

The couple sat down with a heterosexual couple, Michelle and Johnathan, and here are some questions they ask the unsuspecting parents, that they themselves are confronted with all the time:

"How did you guys have your kids?"

"When did you realize that you were straight?"

"Which one of you is the dad in the relationship?"

"Are your kids real siblings?"

"Which one of you had 'em?"

It's very funny to watch the straight parents struggle to answer the admittedly odd line of questioning, given their sexual orientation. But it's also extremely insightful to see just how ridiculously intrusive the actual questions really are, when you put them in another context.

"It's nobody's business!" mom Michelle says after she's a good sport and attempts to give honest answers to the questions.

But the gay couple say they are prodded for very personal details about their kids everywhere, even on elevators. They also say they are often told how brave and inspirational they are, but they don't take those comments as compliments. Because their privacy has already been violated most of the time!

This video was very insightful for me, because I'll admit I'd never thought how I would feel if people asked me these things. They are so invasive, and so rude. Point totally taken.

What's your take?

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.