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Steph Curry's Daughter Riley Totally Steals His Thunder... Again!

Steph Curry may have won the NBA's Western Conference Finals, but his daughter Riley is winning fans' hearts across the country!

Though 6'3" Golden State Warrior Steph Curry and his team achieved victory in the final game of the NBA Western Conference Finals this weekend, his 4-year-old daughter Riley is just too cool for her MVP dad.

First, the limelight-loving tot entered the arena on the shoulders of her grandfather, former NBA player Dell Curry.

Then, she tried to dodge a smooch from her dad during his post-game celebration, a moment that was caught on camera for all to see.

Later, she was spotted in a thunder stick duel.

Queen Riley's reign actually started during a press conference over a year ago, when the little girl made it clear she had somewhere else she'd rather be, yawning dramatically, then pretending to fall asleep while sitting on Curry's lap as he sat in front of the microphone. Then, as he tried to take questions, Riley just took over. And it was adorable both that she couldn't care less that her dad is a famous basketball player in a room full of reporters, and that Curry didn't seem at all fazed by her antics.

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Does this cutie ever run out of energy? Not that her star dad seems to mind. He clearly loves his daughter's vim and vigor! Nope, there can be no doubt Riley keeps Curry on his toes, proving that parenthood is the perfect training for any job, even if you're an NBA superstar.

Now watch out, Steph, because Riley is headed for stardom!

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